Tuesday, April 13, 2010

12 months of Ella Grace--Happy 1st Bday!

Last month(yes--I am super behind in blogging:-) marked the 1st bday of our good friends Anna & Brian's little 'miracle baby'--Ella Grace.  I have gotten to watch her grow from a teensy, tiny little sucker to a full-fledged, little girl on the run...all in front of the lens too:-)  Happy, happy birthday sweet girl!  

    XOXO, 'Auntie Cass'

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Haute Damn! Charleston Fashion Week

  If I did not already love Charleston, SC enough...I now have had the experience of my first CWF!  (Charleston Fashion Week)
  Designers, emerging and otherwise, take their designs to runways and I was lucky enough to be invited along for the ride by the fabulous Kristen Morris of Kristen Morris Jewelry (http://kristinmorris.com/) whose gorgeous, 'non-traditional' bridal jewelry was paired with bridal fashion designs by Lula Kate. (http://lulakate.com/)  Wow! is all I can say!  (see below for confirmation)
  Though we were 'bridal focused' it was a week long affair with fashion ending with a huge, bass pounding after party.  We enjoyed good food, friends and fashion. (If you have not been to Fig..its a must:-) 
  This was my first fashion show that I have shot and I certainly got caught up in the dazzle.  Enjoy the gorgeous frocks and rockin' jewelry designs!

Jewelry by Kristen Morris/dress by Lula Kate

Jewelry by Kristen Morris/dress by Lula Kate

Jewelry by Kristen Morris/dress by Lula Kate

Jewelry by Kristen Morris/dress by Lula Kate

Jewelry by Kristen Morris/dress by Lula Kate

Katherine McDonald, Lula Kate Bridal designer

Carol Hannah Whitfield, Project Runway Finalist and Bridal Designer

I loved this shot!  Is the little beauty on the right not the cutest with her camera??
The 'gang'- Cassandra Mooney(that's me!  Weddings by BlueSky), Ivy Robinson, (Wedding Planner Extraordinare! Ivy Robinson Weddings & Events), Kristen Morris (The Jewely maven mentioned above! Kristin Morris Jewelry) ,Aubre Vaugn-the-invitation idol! (Chic Impressions) and Rachel Lewis

What a good, good time!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sneak Peek: Charleston Fashion Week!

With a full week of travel last week and a ton of catch up to do this week...  I wanted to share a quick sneak peak from the 2010 Charleston Fashion Week.  Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meet Adria & Rich: Our e-session contest winners!

Spent a cold late afternoon at Epicenter with our 'E-session Contest' winners, Adria & Rich. 
(Remember them? They were one of our  2010 e-session contest winners!)  They were just as sweet in person as in the email Rich had sent to win the session for Adria.  We walked Epicenter and stopped by a few of their favorite places to try and make the session personal to them.  And though I froze them to the bone by spending much of our time outside....they were troopers and it so great to meet a couple who seem to just adore each other.  (And Rich--I agree..one of my faves is also the shot of Adria leaning on your shoulder...I love when a couple forgets all about me being there and I can capture a private moment like that:-) Thank you too so much for a great session and I wish you all the love and happiness in the world!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Modern Maternity

Can you believe this gorgeous hottie is less then 5 weeks from her due date?  (I know--jealous much?  Me too!)  I had such a great time with Mandy and her husband, Kevin.  --Not only are they just a gorgeous couple--they were up for anything and just had fun with the session.  We tried to include lots of personal touches like their nursery, their first 'children' (the kind with fur) and the front door of their brand spankin' new house. I absolutely LOVE the results of our very 'non-maternity', maternity session!  I can not wait to meet 'Baby R' very, very soon! (stay tuned to know if it's a boy or a girl....its still a secret:-) 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day= 'Weddings by BlueSky' Launched!

-This is a 'soft' launch; meaning, no marketing efforts will begin, cards printed or site promoted without some feedback from you, my charming friends, family and clients.   Please  take a look (just know its a work in progress...:-) and provide any candid feedback you are willing to share.  --An image less than stellar?? Let me know.  Font not readable?  Let me know..  A typo..you get the picture.  Or, if there is something you just love..of course, I'd love to know that too:-)

As many of you know, I absolutely love shootings weddings and I am very excited to make this official.  The next 6 months will be a building time for me and due to that--our rates will be priced very reasonably as we build up the portfolio, add to the website and begin to build our 'wedding reputation' of excellence.  (If you know anyone getting married and booking a photographer int the next 6 months..check out the 'investment page' on the site.  I am also willing to 'shoot second' if you know of anyone who has already booked a photographer but is seeking a more full day of coverage than 1 photog can offer...)

With fingers crossed and a smile on my face....welcome to 'Weddings by BlueSky!'