Tuesday, December 29, 2009

E-session give-a-way!

Over the next few months I will be continuing to build my portrait/wedding website.  (you know how much I love me a gorgeous wedding:-) That said, I am offering a chance for you (or someone you know) to participate in an engagement session give-a-way!  

I am seeking a couple who would like to do a unique, outdoorsy/wintry session. Anyone interested can email me their contact info. and a snapshot to casmooney@yahoo.com and I will choose a winner on January 1.  (the only 'requirement' is that the couple be within a 30-mile radios of Charlotte< Nc (or willing to trave; to Charlotte)  and be up for a fun and relaxed session.)   And, I will of course post the results here...:-)

For anyone interested and wishing to see some of my work:

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Merry Christmas!  What a more perfect post for Christmas AM than the beautiful Shearer babies!  I have been saving this session's images as they just seemed so appropriate for today.

  I was able to spend some time with Max and Wells in hopes of capturing baby Well's birth announcement--all we wanted was a moment with she and her sweet big brother Max.  (and we worked for it! :-)  I included a few 'outtakes' as they were just too funny as well as the 'final product' of Miss Wellesley Courtland Shearer's birth annoucement.  Awww...swwet babies! 

Welcome to the party baby Wells!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Holiday Session of 2009

Meet the Gorgeous Gelting Family!  It never ceases to amaze me how small the world really is.  I had the pleasure of working with a former sorority sister of mine and her family based on another 'sister' of ours seeing my work on facebook and letting her know about me and the fact I lived in the same city...how cool is that? (Thanks Amy:-)  It was great too see Ann and meet her beautiful family.  --Baby Chase is about as cute as they come.  (and their first born, pup Josie, made for some hilarious moments)  Thank you Geltings  It was great to be able to do this!

Monday, December 21, 2009

'Tree Trek' Tree--trimmed!

Though we have had our beautiful tree for the past few weeks--time has not been in our side as far as actually decorating it.  That said, we spent Saturday early afternoon digging out our 'holiday cheer'  See the results below:

Brian's system of attic organization:

A few of our ornaments ready to be placed.  In case you did not know (as Brian did not)  THERE IS A SYSTEM!  All ornaments need to be removed from their paper, organized by size and color--then placed in an organized fashion.  (one would not want a collection of blue stars all in one place, right?  Well....apparently some would!)

Please note the 'Sam' ornament...

Amazing how little I like being on the other side of the camera--especially in PJ's...did I mention its afternoon?

So...after explaining the 'system' involved in tree-trimming...'we' decided this may enhance Brian's experience with it...

Bri's assistant #1...

I am not convinced Rox enjoyed being 'trimmed' (note pleading eyes...)

Nor did Sam appreciate his Christmas sweater...

 Bri's crew (by the way..I did decorate too...not just supervise...I swear!)

A few of my fave ornaments...


ok...so this is what our stockings typically look like as long before Bri, Sam was the only 'man of the house'...one for me...one for him...

Bri decided this year...that was changing and replaced them with this.  Need I say whom this belongs too???

Meanwhile in the oven something fabulous was baking.  (Note to self--no more Food Network or we are going to have a serious problem..)  Hello my first attempt at breadpudding!

The final tree results...

And the stocking were re-hung by the chimney with care...


Saturday, December 12, 2009

4th Annual Tree Trek

Though we have gone to the mountains with good friends for the past 3 years...the 4th annual definitely brought us the most beautiful weekend to-date.  (It was the first year we have gotten snow on the day of choosing our trees!  Whoo--hooo!) 

We stayed in the condo section of Chetola Lodge and had yet another fantastic time with good friends; including a girls' day at the spa (boys watched football) nice dinners and lots of laughs.   (Though a few of 'the crew' were greatly missed as they stayed behind this year to enjoy new babies, new adventures and the like..)  Thank you Driscoll's, Carickhoff's, 'Fong's', Furcht's and Jaimee & John for another great time.  Can't wait until the 5th Annual... (sorry for the long post but the snow was to gorgeous not to share..)