Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Sisters!

Meet Ceci and Sam, my Jeremy Igo photo class Assignment 1:-)

Since I got my little Rebel at Christmas time (thanks again Bri for reminding me how much I enjoy this.) I have been telling Rachelle and Nick I wanted to get some shots. I think they had a ball. (as you can see from some of their very priceless expressions.)

The assignment: demonstrate a shallow depth of field/stop action and motion in a series of photo

Stop action and bokeh/shallow depth of field (fancy name for blurry background.)

I just like this one...not an assignment photo (she was bothered by the reflector and said it too bright so she did not want to open her eyes...ha)

Sam enjoying a cupcake (and SDOF)

Again--I just like this one;-)


Ceci (and SDOF)

So sweet and innocent...and then the 'tickle torture' began..

Thank you girls!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

My New Niecey!

Welcome Avery Christine Moore!

Went to OBX this past weekend to spend some time with my middle sis and her hubbies family and finally got to meet my new niece! Okay--so I know I am related...but she is seriously cute.

6 weeks old!

Fancy new dress purchased by yours truly--look at that smile!

Tiny toes...

First trip to the beach

Big brother Logan, "Mama" and baby Avery

Proud Parents

PS: I ordered my new 'fancy' lens today...sharper pictures on the way! (unless it was my skill set all along...:-) Happy Weekend!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Caroline

Look at those eyes!

Spent a few hours with baby Caroline (and her lovely Mommy, both of whom I happen to adore.) We got off to a bit of a rough start with tears but once she got into it...I am convinced we have a little model on our hands. So good to finally meet you miss Caroline!

Glamour shot:-)

Pretty dress from Grandma

Enjoying her favorite rocking chair.

Being a model sure makes you sleepy.....

Hold the autographs please!

Goodnight Sweet Caroline!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mission 'Heirloom' Accomplished!!

There were gorgeous tomatoes everywhere--but I settled on the heirlooms from a farm in Cherryville, NC as well as some amazingly fragrant sweet basil. Ran by the 'HT' on the way home for fresh, crusty bread, buffalo mozzarella. See the results below...what a fantastic Saturday!


My 'finds'

Chopped heirlooms...'chiffonade'-ed basil(ok--fairly certain that is not a word but essentially a french way to say ribbons of basil' :-) But I swear I learned it in a cooking class--right Sara and Lisa...

Lots of aged balsamic on toasted french baguettes...yummm

A Craving for Heirlooms...

Where else do you hunt for the best tomatoes in the city?? --The Farmers Market!

How could you not buy tomatoes from him?

Thanks to my friend Brandon mentioning heirloom tomatoes at Bookclub on Thursday I have had an overwhelming craving for them! I left late this AM to see what I could dig up at the Farmer Market. Wow was it packed! (And since I am trying to shoot something once a week at minimum and my much anticipated Jeremy Igo class does not start until next week... I took these shots. 2 birds...1 stone...)

Aside from the tomatoes--my favorite find...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No More 'Light'(ing) In My Life :-)

Today marks the end of my Lighting class with the amazing Bill Lusk. (check him out www.billlusk.com) What a enjoyably tough ride! I was definitely out of my league being in a class with professional photographers, graphic designers etc. having never shot in manual and never taken a photo without utilizing natural light. (there were a few of us 'novices' trying to hold our own though.) All in all, I learned a ton and and know I want to do SOMETHING with this. The question is...what next??


Mac was good enough to still be my model after a long night of work. The weather was nasty--hot, gray and just plain flat. But I wanted to shoot outdoors to see if I could apply what I had learned in class to my favored light source. So....just a gray day and a giant, silver reflector. The assignment was to demonstrate 'emptiness.' Though I believe this has been done before. (RR tracks...) I still really like them and she looks like an angel. (albeit, a sad one...)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

'Head shot'

Jess was looking for a few shots to add to her 'Linkin' account to update her resume' etc. in her job search. We did the 'traditional' headshot and then played around a bit. (the glass of wine helped us both!) These were shot at around 2:30PM w/indirect sunlight being diffused through the trees and a silver reflector. Thanks Jess--I think we got a few good ones! Happy job searching sister!