Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shot of the Month

Check out the new September blog banner above--there is just something about this shot that I love. Maybe it was Nathan's pleading eyes and complete patience as he tried to lure ducks towards his hand to feed them bread crumbs. Since I love to shoot when 'no on is watching'--this is my fave for the month of September as this was all Nathan's moment.

And Baby Makes Four...

With the recent addition of Madison Leigh, the Schwartz Family is now a fam of 4!  I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with them this week at Freedom Park while they fed ducks, enjoyed a picnic (including some very chocolaty icecream.) and let Nathan try out his brand new Incredibles outfit!  (apparently, superheroes are all the rage with him these days...and wow, did it make for one hilarious shot.)  What a fun, fun shoot!

Thank you Schwartz Family.  I had a blast!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Farewell Miss Ashby!

Hello Mrs. and Mrs. Petkovich!

You will need to bear with me as this promises to be my longest post yet!  (I am also in a 'black&white phase--so if you want to see will have to wait until I put the album on smugmug:-) With so many gorgeous details to capture I had a hard time deciding which to post.  It was such a wonderful weekend with friends!  Congratulations Jake and Lisa and thank you having us be a part of such an amazing day.

Loundes Grove Plantation Charleston, SC

Lisa's handmade programs:-)

Lis and her daddy

Jake seeing Lis for the first time

The 'hand-off'

Lis taking it all in post-ceremony

My 'poaching the 'real' photographer shots--sorry Tracy:-)

The beautiful back drop to the ceremony

Celebrating good friends!  (I was so torn...toast--or  snap it.  see empty chair for results)

Me and bridey cuttin' a rug

'Fun' Robin and Jaimee

'Fun' Robin Take II

'More Fun' Jaimee

The Newleyweds singing 'A family Tradition' 

Needless to say...a great time was had by all.  Congrats Jake and Lisa!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girly Girl!

Pink and bows and tons and tons of cute little shoes!  (who knew they made espadrills and jelly shoes in toddler sizes!!)  Sweet Avery is quite the girly girl:-)  Her 2 favorites for now seems to be the discovery of her tasty thumb (see below) and showing off her mad walking skills.  Thanks Kim and Jay for letting me turn my camera on her to practice up with the new lens.
Favorite thumb

Her own version of the 'Olan Mills' pose
Walking to mama
And walking...
Tiny Tumble
And some more thumb
She loved any and all flowers
More walkin' skilz
A moment with Mama
The 'shoe addictions' start early...

Jelly shoes taste best!