Saturday, August 29, 2009

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Parker!

Brian and I had the honor of attending his good friend 'Parker's" wedding this past weekend.  Since I have never shot a wedding (but certainly spent a great deal of time working with Jonathan Koslen's images (  right out of college...I was hoping I may have picked a few things up in terms of capturing some good 'moments.'  )  I had asked if they would mind if I took some shots.  I was actually pretty pleased with the outdoor shots.  (Having an attractive wedding party certainly helped!:-) --But def still some work to be had with the indoor shots. (Jeremy is allowing me to shadow him at an upcoming wedding so I am hoping to pick up some 'pointers')   I really did enjoy trying to document their day in a 'photojournalistic'manner. (I know--way overused term these days...)   Plus, it was just great to see a friend look so happy.... 

Here are my favorites from the day.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Igo Class--Final Assignment

Another photog class has come and gone.  So what have I learned???:

  • Flash, when used properly (def still learning here!) can actually look quite nice and I am no longer a 'hater'

  • Composition--there is much more to it than taking a 'pretty picture' and I need a ton more work with this.  (I have been so focused on learning the camera and making the subject 'look nice' I have not really thought a ton about 'setting up' the shots for more impact..

  • Lightroom is like magic!-  I can not wait to know how to manipulate this software better as it makes a world of difference, yet--does not completely alter the images like all the super 'shopped' shots I get so annoyed seeing..

  • I COULD NEVER BE PAPARAZZI!!!:  our final assigmnet was a photo walk-about.  Jeremy would walk us to various locations and point out some good areas for composition etc. and we all (12 or so!) of us would fight for a good shot.  I hated it.  (and my images show!)  Every good shot had another photgraphers leg/arm/camera in my shot in a manner in which I could not crop it out with out losing a limb on a subject.  Plus, 'contol freak' here learned she did not like not being able to shoot from whatever vantage point she wished for the best light, composition etc.:-)  However, see the shots below for a few of the discussed images..
This one did well compostionally and no changes were reccomended.
Okay feedback on this one as well minus the chopped foot...I tried my darndest and just could not get it with everyone around me.
This shot did okay as well...
I liked her face in this one--got crushed by the car being in the background.  (I did have a shot without it--however, the model did not look as good:-)
Took crticism on this one for not leaving in enough flowers (although, later in the class, a womane did leave in a ton and he said they were distracting--make up your mind Jeremy!! hahah)  He also dogged me on softening her skin with the 'clarity function in Lightroom that I had just started playing with that AM.)  I actually really like this one as I found that gorgeous light!!!
This was the shot the class really liked?  What do you think?  I really do like the reflection and more so, the fact she was actually not posing and was with another personjust  looking in a store window when I snapped it.
All and all=--a really great experience!  Jeremy was a  great instructor.  He has even offered to let me hang aroudn the office a bit and assist and learn...I hope he is serious as I am going to hound him until he does!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Igo Assignment 3-Lowlight/flash/motion/ambient light

Sisterly 'L-O-V-E...'

Meet the Whittington Girls! So stinkin' cute, huh? This weeks assignment was to shoot in low light with a flash and show motion/ambient light. WAY more challenging than I could have imagined. Great ambient light=motion and blur. Crank up to shutter speed=no ambient light. hmmm...???  Always more to learn.  However, we definitely had a blast and I personally do not mind the 'blur' (If I call it 'motion' can I get away with it??)  and love their expressions and think some of the shots are still pretty good. It was well worth the feathers I am still finding all over the house...:-)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Igo Assignment 2-Window Lit Portrait


Angie was good enough to run by my house (aka: construction zone!) before heading out of town to the beach. The assignment was 'high-key', window lit-only portraits. We needed to show a side lit shot as well as use the 'auto and user selected white balance options'. It was mid-day and the sun--not terribly flattering even when diffused by the window. But after trying out a couple of windows--the upstairs, torn-apart bedroom light seemed to work the best. (perhaps these would be better if I had actually been in the lecture instead of chasing my 2 stray dogs who decided to leap over a 6 ft. fence...:-) However, its tough for Angelina to look anything but lovely...

PS: Big thanks to Nikki for taking the time to teach me how to re-write the HTML to make the photos larger..