Tuesday, June 30, 2009



This weeks assignment was 'use everything you have learned and shoot something you want to shoot." Um, what? No pressure. (yeah, right) However, I had had an idea for another friend of mine for a while (you know who you are:-) but just could not get coordinated. So--we used it. I got a great 'grade' and assume 'it looks like professional shot' is a good thing:-) Lis was breeze to work with and brought a ton of 'gear'...I was very please with this session. (even if Lisa thinks she looked like "an early Keirsti Alley when she started her weight gain..sigh. (again) :-)

Lighting: (2) 500 watt bulbs with shoot through umbrellas approx. 2-3 feet away from subject on each side. a large, tri-fold 'flag' was placed at eye level to block any ambient light from the kitchen by window. And being white, also acted as a soft reflector on her face. A 'back light' was placed on the floor (500 watt--bare bulb--snooted) and highlighted her face/eyes as did a large silver reflector clamped to chain directly in front of the subject angled towards face. Uh, you should have seen my kitchen!!!

A few more shots:

TEST SHOT: who looks this good in a test shot????

Original concept-frilly apron, stocked kitchen...takeout. But she just looked too good in that dress to cover it up! And just made for a much 'sassier' shot.

Thanks again Lisa!!


  1. These are great shots Cassandra! I especially like the first two, but they are all good. Great lighting work, it really pays off!

  2. Thanks Nik--I am working on it! So...when I do I get to 'turn the tables' on you/Reid;-)

  3. I would love for someone else to take the photos for once!!