Monday, June 22, 2009

Gobos/cutters/flags--Oh my!


Oh, poor Brian--a victim again after a mishap that rendered my first attempt at this assignment useless. (more on that later) This week was to utilize gobos/cutter/flags etc. to segment and shape utilizing any type of light diffused/hard/specular/soft--whatever...) This was MUCH more difficult than I dreamed and I am quite frankly, unimpressed with myself today...;-(

Set-up shot (nothing other than a 500w bulb) Note the crazy eyes...

Gobo added (shaped to look like window lighting streaking through blinds..) A small mirror was utilized to try and reflect the eyes...but after the clamp came loose and the mirror broke into pieces...the shard was smaller than I would have liked..and lit 1 eye! What a balancing act..I need an assistant..too bad he has become the model..)

Hmmmm,,,,what is he thinking....perhaps, 'I think I have had enough' (yes, this assignment ended with the quote "okay-I am done!" -promptly followed by the sound a beer top being popped. I wasn't done!!! (guess he was...)

To try and get the gobo to add more shadows I added a large flag to the left of the lens as I was getting all kinds of spill...ahhh..I then used a larger 'chunk' of mirror and almost lit both eyes... Note to self--don't; miss class again and not have a clue how to do the assignment! Ha Not bad all things considered...

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