Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lighting Assignment 3-Large vs. small light source

Large Light(above)

Small Light (below)

'Fun', non-assignment shot

Its Bri's turn to be my model (aka:victim) once again. With 15 minutes to shoot and one annoyed subject...I got my best grade to date. An 'A' Baby!! These were shot in the studio (aka-living room) with 2 500 watt halogen light sources. The first was shot with 2 shoot through umbrellas placed on either side. (LARGE light!) Below it, I utilized the same lighting set up sans one umbrella with a snoot (aka--large manila envelope masking tape wrapped around light source) to produce a more 'polarized' look. (SMALL light source) Have I mentioned I got an 'A?' ;-)

The last shot was not part of the assignment, but Bri is holding the light source slightly behind his shoulder. (little did I know 'highly reflective light' was going to be the next assignment...

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