Thursday, June 18, 2009

Assignment 4-demonstrating reflective light


Lessen this week: using the same subject--demonstrate very reflective lighting and the absence of that reflection.
Unintentional Lesson this week: Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

Miss Robin was good enough to 'donate' two hours of her time. At the end of which I rushed off to my laptop and was, admittedly, kinda pleased with myself! However, apparently I was the only one to think she look smokin'...her words "I look gross." sigh.

Photo 1--I utilized a shoot through umbrella very close to her face (but out of the shot--in most anyway) and to create the reflection I utilised 1 bare, 500 watts bulb on a small tripod slightly behind her left shoulder. (I think it would have been ever more reflective if I had the space in the studio (aka--my office) to get the light closer to he without being in the shot

Reflective Light

Absence of Reflective Light

Photo 2 (above) was nearly the same shot with the umbrella added to diffuse the light and thus, the reflection.

This was the 'shot in my head' when wanting to photograph Robin. For those that know her--she is a low maintenance, less-is-more kinda girl. Wavy voluminous hair, glossy lips and heels--definitely not her. (nor the martini glass) However, the flips-flops, Blue Moon beer--are. Minus the cords..I like it!

I think Robin found the complementary beer the only redeeming quality in this shoot as she loks happiest here! LOL


  1. wow she is so beatiful
    she have actitud she is pretty

  2. The first shot is my fav. Nice soft light and good detail in the eyes.