Thursday, August 6, 2009

Igo Assignment 2-Window Lit Portrait


Angie was good enough to run by my house (aka: construction zone!) before heading out of town to the beach. The assignment was 'high-key', window lit-only portraits. We needed to show a side lit shot as well as use the 'auto and user selected white balance options'. It was mid-day and the sun--not terribly flattering even when diffused by the window. But after trying out a couple of windows--the upstairs, torn-apart bedroom light seemed to work the best. (perhaps these would be better if I had actually been in the lecture instead of chasing my 2 stray dogs who decided to leap over a 6 ft. fence...:-) However, its tough for Angelina to look anything but lovely...

PS: Big thanks to Nikki for taking the time to teach me how to re-write the HTML to make the photos larger..

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