Friday, June 19, 2009

With some friends, you always just pick up where you left off...

Had the privilege of spending a few days catching up with my friend Melanie and her family this past weekend in HH, SC. Though times have certainly changed from our carefree, wine-drenched days of our 20's; we just always seem to pick right up where we left off. So to practice my 'skilz' and capture some super fun times her children were having; I took these shots. (Think full sun, 1PM, no place for So though certainly not perfect shots by any means--I love that I had the chance to take them and spend some time with The Spicer's)

Miss Sydney Enjoying the pool after we were 'kicked out' of the ocean due to a school of shark

Mel's husband Steve and his 'mini-me', Shawn

Shawn working on his tan...

Bathing Beauty!

(nope--we did not pose her...she is 2!!!)

The Girls...

Sweet, sweet, Syd

Good to see you Spicer's!!!

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